Tom Goff

Scott Ford

Tom has a history of musical abilities beginning at age 7, when he was given his first guitar. He also learned the basics of fiddle and piano at an early age.  In high school he played guitar, acoustic bass, trumpet and French horn as a member of the marching, jazz and dance bands.  In college he started his first rock bands “Stone House” and “Bad Apple Productions.”

Retiring from a military career spanning 40 years, with a concurrent civilian career in emergency medical services as a helicopter pilot and administrator, Tom returned to his musical roots.  A wonderful banjo picker, Jake Heibert, took him under his wing and introduced him to the world of Bluegrass. Tom immediately took to this form of music and began playing bass, guitar and fiddle at every opportunity. He spent the following year playing at Bluegrass festivals in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Canada, gaining valuable experience playing with master musicians, including his mentor Jake.  After moving to St. George full-time in 2010, Tom began writing music and composing songs, and jamming with fellow Bluegrass musician Scott Ford (banjo/guitar). They worked hard to perfect their sound while looking for musicians to join the band they had named The Pine Mountain Boys.  When Lindsey Short, a 16 year old musical phenom who plays guitar, banjo, bass and fiddle and provides wonderful vocals joined the band, Pine Mountain Bluegrass Band (PMBB) was formed.  PMBB has performed at local events including the St. George Arts Festival and Downtown Farmers Market, Veterans Fundraisers, as well as local charity events.  Tom’s future plans include recording a PMBB music CD, developing a web-site featuring videos and original songs written and performed by the band, and performing at Bluegrass events and festivals.

Tom Goff

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