Scott Ford

Scott Ford

Scott caught the Bluegrass bug in the ‘70s while attending the National Old-Time Fiddlers’ Contest & Festival in Weiser, Idaho.  Though the contest was filled to the brim with all ages of talented fiddle masters, Scott was drawn to the late-night banjo picking, vocal harmonizing, and general good-timing of the Bluegrass festivities.

At the time, Mark O’Connor was ripping things up on his flashy white fiddle.  Bill Monroe showed us how it was done as he stopped by our neck of the Snake River a couple of times.  Doc and Merle Watson were picking at local venues.  Ricky Skaggs was making Emmylou Harris even hotter.  The “Circle” album was teaching us beginners how Bluegrass was supposed to be.  Luckier yet, and to top it off, Idaho’s chilled winter nights brought together warm (almost spiritual) living-room jam sessions.

Day jobs barely kept the family fed.  But over the years, Scott picked, sang, and performed in various groups and settings.  Thanks to the solid foundations started by Sherry Hill McKenzie, Joel Kasserman, “Uncle” Dave Schjeldahl, Vince Crofts, “Marvelous” Marv Quinton, Joe Sites, and many others… Scott continues on.  Singing and picking with the Pine Mountain Bluegrass Band has, once again, kindled his desire to fill the air with foot-tapping fiddle tunes, gospel harmonies, and traditional bluegrass sing-a-longs.

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